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Faculty Profile: Dr. Maggie Reitz

Dr. Maggie Reitz has been serving as interim chairperson for the Health Science Department since this past summer. She is also the chairperson of the Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science Department, and has been enjoying that position for the past 15 years. Dr. Reitz is not teaching any courses this semester, but she has taught research courses in the past. She misses teaching, and hopes to get back to it soon!

As a result of her father being in the Air Force, Dr. Reitz and her family moved around frequently when she was growing up. She was born in Michigan and not long after, her family moved to England. Her family eventually moved back to the States and settled in Massachusetts. When she was in the third grade, Dr. Reitz’s family moved to Maryland. She grew up in Prince George’s County, and now calls Columbia, MD home.

Dr. Reitz received both her Occupational Therapy Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Towson University. She also has a PhD in Health Education from the University of Maryland College Park. Prior to working at Towson University, Dr. Reitz worked for 10 years in Occupation Therapy and Senior Occupational Therapy at Greater Southeast Community Hospital in Washington, D.C. In her position, she worked in acute care with adults who had physical disabilities.

Dr. Reitz has many areas of interest in health science, including the role occupational therapy plays in health promotion. She explored this interest when she, along with the help of a Graduate student, worked in a Baltimore jail in the women’s pre ‐ trial detention section. They worked to ease the transition of inmates into jail, and to decrease violence on the unit. More specifically, they studied how the inmates’ occupations could be used to ease the transition into jail.

Outside of health science, Dr. Reitz enjoys many hobbies, including visiting wineries and traveling. She enjoys visiting her family who reside in England, and has even been to China and Hong Kong! She has been invited multiple times by the Chinese government to consult and lecture on the developments of occupational therapy education.

Dr. Reitz encourages Towson University students to take advantage of the activities that are available on campus, including theater and athletic events. Maintaining a balance between academics and student life is very important. Dr. Reitz believes that maintaining that balance will decrease stress, and allow for healthier Health Science students!






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