January 30, 2012 Newsletter


    Announcement from the Office of University Research Services

    Institutional, University-Wide, or Cross-Disciplinary Opportunities

    Proposal Submission Reminders (Recently Revised):


    OURS standard procedures require approvals on final budgets and project descriptions from department chairs and college deans prior to proposal submission. OURS and the Provost’s office require that final budgets and chair and dean approvals be received by OURS at least five (5) business days before the deadline (per Provost Welsh’s announcement in the Daily Digest).

    Proposals for which proper approvals are not obtained WILL NOT be submitted.

    Applicants can access the internal approval form at http://www2.towson.edu/research/resourcesforresearchers.asp. Please note that each department and college may have its own internal requirements regarding proposal review lead times; please check to be sure you are complying with your own unit’s procedures. Please be sure the form is completed accurately and fully signed before submitting it to the OURS.

    OURS requests notification of intent to submit at least two weeks prior to the agency deadline so that OURS staff can assist with application preparation and review. All proposals will require signature on behalf of the University, which entails careful review for terms and conditions, University financial, time, and other obligations, and compliance issues. Adequate lead time allows OURS to secure necessary approvals and provide appropriate administrative support on all proposal submissions.

    When submitting proposals via Grants.gov, please be aware that OURS maintains registration for the campus. Like with all proposals, applicants will need to notify and work with OURS in getting proposals submitted through the standard procedures referenced above. For Grants.gov submission, OURS must have the final complete proposal, with all required attachments, no later than 48 hours prior to the agency deadline. Due to the higher possibility of technical difficulties with this submission engine, the OURS cannot guarantee that proposals received later than 48 hours prior to the deadline will be submitted on time.

    Announcement from the Office of University Research Services

    Faculty Development and Research Committee Announces Deadline for Summer 2011 Grant Applications

Agency:        Towson University Faculty Development and Research Committee
Deadline(s): February 1, 2012

The Faculty Development and Research Committee (FDRC) is pleased to announce its call for applications for Summer Research Fellowships and Summer Teaching Innovation Fellowships for 2012. Under the February 1, 2012 deadline, the Committee will accept applications for the following two funding categories:

  • Summer Research Fellowships of $4,000 for projects leading to a scholarly product such as a proposal to an external funding source, or a publication, presentation, invention, composition, performance, or exhibition. 
  • Summer Teaching Innovation Fellowships of $4,000 for projects leading to new classroom initiatives that are grounded in current research on teaching and learning. Faculty members with ideas for teaching innovations and projects to enhance student learning are encouraged to apply.

All funds awarded under this application round will be paid as salary through payroll and will be taxed.

Any eligible faculty member interested in applying is strongly encouraged to speak with a committee member from his or her college prior to preparing a proposal; committee members are invaluable sources of advice and direction.  Application forms and guidelines are available through the link provided below.

An original and one copy of the completed application form and accompanying documentation as described in the application materials should be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on the deadline date to the Office of University Research Services (OURS), Suite 208, Enrollment Services Building. All applications must have signatory approval from both the department chairperson and college dean at the time of submission.   OURS requests that an electronic copy of the application also be submitted via email to ours@towson.edu . Electronic submission of the application is optional and will not replace the paper submission requirements described above.

URL: http://www2.towson.edu/research/facultygrants.asp

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Institutional, University-Wide, or Cross-Disciplinary Opportunities

    Research on Policing

Agency:        National Institute for Justice
Deadline(s): April 25 , 2012

NIJ seeks proposals to conduct research on policing to improve criminal investigative processes and promote police integrity in law enforcement agencies at the State and local levels. Effective criminal investigative practices and improved police integrity are of critical importance to ensuring trust and confidence in the police in communities throughout the United States.

NIJ is interested in proposals addressing the following topics:

Police Investigations: NIJ is interested in changes in investigative processes that have resulted in different models of investigations and whether police agencies have changed detectives’ investigative practices toward crime control and prevention.

Police Integrity: NIJ is interested in supporting evaluations that examine the impact of internal and/or external mechanisms that promote police integrity.

NIJ funding for an individual research project rarely exceeds $500,000 annually, though total funding for projects requiring multiple years to complete has exceeded $1 million in some cases.

Applicants should be aware that the total period for an award ordinarily will not exceed 3 years.

What will not be funded:

  1. Provision of training or direct service.
  2. Proposals primarily to purchase equipment, materials, or supplies. (The budget may include these items if they are necessary to conduct applied research, development, demonstration, evaluation, or analysis.)
  3. Work that will be funded under another specific solicitation.
  4. Proposals that do not contain a research component or do not respond to the specific goals of this solicitation.

URL: http://www.grants.gov/search/search.do?mode=VIEW&oppId=140813

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Building the Science of Public Reporting (R21)

Agency:        Department of Health and Human Services
Deadline(s): March 28, 2012

Disparities in the quality of health care received by the poor, certain minorities, and other priority populations continue with little sign of improvement. One method of bringing such differences to light is public reporting, which informs consumers and allows comparison of provider performance. At this time, hundreds of public reports with thousands of different measures are being produced throughout the United States. Despite all this activity at federal, state, and community levels, the evidence base on the content, design, and dissemination of public reports contains many unresolved issues on how to most efficiently meet consumer needs.

Two recognized pathways to improvement are: 1) Consumer selection of high-value providers, and 2) provider efforts to improve care. The focus of this opportunity is on consumer use of reports. Possible studies that may be applicable under this opportunity include those looking at the impact of consumer use of reports on provider behavior, as well as studies involving reports on providers produced by an insurance entity for use by enrollees. All research proposals should take a consumer-focused approach.

This initiative seeks to fill three major gaps in the public reporting evidence base in order to:

  • Improve the design and presentation of public reports to meet the needs of consumers, including subgroups such as AHRQ’s priority populations and Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries;
  • Increase consumer use and the dissemination of public reports, including subgroups such as AHRQ’s priority populations and Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries; and
  • Improve the underlying data and methodology of public reports to make them more credible, meaningful, and useful.

This opportunity will use the AHRQ Exploratory / Developmental grant (R21) award mechanism. The individual researcher sponsored by the applicant organization will be solely responsible for planning, directing, and executing his or her proposed project.

Applications may be 1 to 3 years in duration, with no more than $350,000 total costs (direct and indirect costs) requested from the government in any give year, and a budget supported by AHRQ not to exceed $1,000,000 total costs over the entire project period. Any applications with project periods and/or budgets exceeding these limits will not be reviewed.

Awards issued under this opportunity are contingent upon the availability of funds and the submission of a sufficient number of meritorious applications. The total amount awarded and the number of awards will also depend on the number, quality, duration, and costs of the applications received. Facilities and administration (F&A) costs requested by applicants are included in the total cost limitation. Funding beyond the first year will be contingent upon a review by AHRQ staff of the annual progress report.

URL: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/rfa-files/RFA-HS-12-004.html

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