The Bank Street Approach to Early Education

Karin Singman, Samantha Dimes, and Shannon Kelly

Department of Early Childhood Education

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Nancy W. Wiltz


Our research looked at the Bank Street Approach to teaching young children, and our poster presentation uses graphics, an illustration of a room design, and sample lesson plans to bring this early childhood program to life. In addition to the historical aspects of this exemplary urban-based early childhood program, various curricular aspects such as language and literacy, mathematics, dramatic play, art, music, movement, science, and social studies will be addressed. Field trips and projects as approaches to learning are an integral part of Bank Street's curriculum, and will be illustrated in the poster we prepare.

Parent involvement is another major aspect of the Bank Street Curriculum. Samples and ideas for ways to involve parents will be discussed, as well. The developmentally appropriateness of these methods and the implications for use in today's classrooms for young children will be addressed.

Updated July 11, 2004