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Below is a list of questions most frequently asked by prospective Towson University graduate students about the Instructional Technology (ISTC) Graduate Program.   If, after reviewing our website and this page you cannot find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact Dr. Bill Sadera, Instructional Technology Graduate Program Director.

Application Process

General Program Information


Application Process

What are the deadlines for applying to the program?
The Instructional Technology masters programs at Towson University have a rolling admissions process. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Application to the Master's program begins by applying to the Towson University Graduate College (available online). See the Master's program admissions page for more details.    
Applications to the Ed.D. program are reviewed twice a year. For Fall Admission: May 1 and for Spring Admission: November 1. See the Ed.D. admissions page for more details.

Application to the Ed.D. program involves two parts:
(see the Ed.D. admissions page for more details).

1. Completion of the Graduate College Application.


a) Application Form ( available online )

b) Payment of Application Fee

c) Send undergraduate and graduate transcripts

d) Complete GRE exam (and TOEFL, if necessary)

2. Completion of the Ed.D. Program Application (as described below)


a) Letter of Application

b) (2) Letters of Recommendation

c) Academic Writing Sample

d) Digital Learning Sample

Do I need to take the GRE or another graduate school admissions test?
Students applying to the ISTC Master's program at Towson University are not required to submit GRE scores with their application.
Students applying to the ISTC Ed.D. program at Towson University are required to submit GRE or other test scores with their application.

Are there any prerequisites for the ISTC program?
All graduate students in the ISTC program at Towson must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited university.
Track I - No prerequisites are required.
Track II - 9 credits in education and 9 credits in school library media are considered prerequisites.
Track III - There is one 3 credit course (ISTC 301/501).
Ed.D. - There are 6 courses or equivalents required.

General Program Information

How long has the ISTC program been in operation?
The ISTC graduate programs at Towson University have been around for over 30 years.

What percentage of the graduate students are enrolled full-time?
Approximately 15% of ISTC graduate students attend full-time.   Most ISTC graduate students have full-time employment in public education or private industry.

How long does it take to complete the Master's program?
Most of the part-time students are able to complete the program in three to five years.   Part-time students in the ISTC program at Towson University often enroll in 12 credits per year and are able to complete the entire program of 36 credits plus prerequisites in 3 and a half years.

Are internships part of the Towson University ISTC program?
Track I has the option of doing an internship for an elective course.   Track II has a graduate practicum in ISTC where students are partnered with a school for a semester.  Track III has a required internship where students create an instructional technology project in an educational training setting.
Internships can be arranged with the help of the program director and can be with schools, other educational institutions, or companies.
For the internship here are some general guidelines prior to starting. We would suggest the following elements for consideration and completion. 
The student-
            1. writes their objectives and intended outcomes for the internship in a proposal form.
            2. keeps a log of their activities in blocks of time.
            3. is prepared to demonstrate their products from the internship.
            4. is able to complete some type of summary document.
            *For 3 credits the student needs to complete 90+ hours of work on the project.
Overall, the experience should be practical, varied, meaningful, and challenging. We try to do all we can to insure the student has an experience with depth and some diversity of training and media activities.

Are there graduate assistantships available in the ISTC department?
There are graduate assistantships and teaching assistantship positions available. Please contact the Program Director for more information.

Does the Towson University ISTC program offer any off-campus courses or programs?
Contact Towson Learning Network ( about cohort programs across the state of Maryland.  Courses are also regularly offered at the HEAT Center in Harford County and occasionally in Shady Grove and Southern Maryland.








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