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Accounting and Business Advisory Services (M.S.)

Spring 2016 Course Schedule: M.S. Accounting and Business Advisory Services

Updated 10/14/2015

Towson University
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
AIT 610-101 (Tirschman)
PHIL 563-101(MoWe) (Newhouse)
ACCT 630-101 (Freedman)
AIT 600-102 (Hasan)
FIN 715.TU1 (Dewally)*
PHIL 563-180 (Newhouse)(TuTh)
PHIL 563-001 (TTH) (Newhouse)
ACCT 752-101 (Schiff)
AIT 612-101 (Friedman)
AIT 632-101 (Pak)
ACCT 680 (Russo)
AIT 600-101 (Brown)
AIT 610-102 (Pak)
AIT 614-101 (Winebrenner)
FIN 605.7T1 (Shao)*#
FIN 605.7T2 (Shao)*#

ACCT 695-001: Independent Research in Accounting (Martin Freedman at Towson University)
ACCT 697-002: Graduate Accounting Internship (Martin Freedman at Towson University)


University of Baltimore*
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
ACCT 630 (Pevzner)
INSS 671.UB1 (Mirani)
FIN 720.UB1 (Nguyen) ACCT 740.UB1 (Pevzner)
ACCT 720.UB1 (White)
ACCT 755.UB1 (Williams)


Online Courses
TU Faculty UB Faculty* NOTES:
AIT 600-901 (Brown)
AIT 600-902 (Hasan)
AIT 610-901 (Tirschman)
AIT 610-902 (Pak)
AIT 612-901 (Friedman)
AIT 632-901 (Pak)
FIN 605.7WT1 (Shao)#
INSS 650.WB1 (Scornavacca)
FIN 605.7W1 (Morse)#
FIN 605.7W2 (Morse)##
*Any Towson students who are
taking a UB course must
complete an IIR Form.
#Session I runs
January 25 to March 12.
##Session II runs
March 28 to May 14

Registration Process:
Students registering for any Towson University campus or online courses may do so through their MyTU Student Center, with the exception of FIN 605 and FIN 625. For these courses, and for any UB campus or online courses, you must complete the Inter-Institutional Registration Form and Graduate Addendum. All IIR Forms must be approved and signed by the Program Director, Dr. Freedman.

Dr. Martin Freedman
Program Director, MABAS
Stephens Hall, Ste. 100
Office (410) 704-4143

Meghan V. Behm
Graduate Adviser, CBE
Stephens Hall, Ste. 301J
Office (410) 704-6163








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