College of Business & Economics

Accounting and Business Advisory Services (M.S.)

Degree Requirements

Completion of a minimum of 30 units beyond the undergraduate degree of which a minimum of 18 units should be in 600-level courses or above designed primarily for graduate students. (This is an AACSB requirement.) Students may take courses at either institution, but must take a minimum of 12 units sponsored by each institution out of the total 30-unit program.

Required Courses

Accounting (15 credits) - Towson & UB:
ACCT 630 Contemporary Issues in Financial Reporting (3)
ACCT 680 Taxation of Entities (3)
ACCT 720 Design of Managerial Cost Control Systems (3)
ACCT 740 Advanced Topics in Assurance Services (3)
ACCT 752 Advanced Topics in Accounting Systems (3)

Financial Management (3 credits) - Towson & UB:
FIN 605 Financial Management (1.5)
FIN 625 Corporate Finance (1.5)

Electives (Choose Four - 12 credits):

*At least one elective needs to be outside of Accounting.
**Please see the Towson University Graduate Catalog for other possible elective course options.

Accounting - Towson & UB
ACCT 655 Tax Policy (3)
ACCT 695 Individual Research (3)
ACCT 697 Graduate Internship (3)
ACCT 770 Seminar in Current Topics in Accounting (3)
ACCT 780 Sustainability Accounting (3)

Finance - UB
FIN 705 Advanced Financial Management (3)
FIN 715 Investment Analysis (3)
FIN 720 International Financial Management (3)
FIN 745 Derivative Instruments (3)
FIN 750 Real Estate Investment (3)
FIN 780 Corporate Restructuring (3)
FIN 797 Special Topics in Financial Management (3)

Information Technology - Towson
AIT 600 Information Technology Infrastructure (3)
AIT 610 Systems Development Process (3)
AIT 612 Information Systems Vulnerability and Risk Analysis (3)
AIT 614 Network Security (3)
AIT 632 Database Management Systems (3)

Management Information Systems - UB
INSS 641 Information Resource Management (3)
INSS 650 Telecommunications (3)
INSS 651 Database Management Systems (3)
INSS 671 Systems Analysis Design (3)
INSS 765 Global Electronic Commerce (3)

Other Electives
PHIL 563 Business Ethics


Graduate courses in areas such as applied information technology, economics, management, marketing, etc. may also be chosen after consultation with the graduate director depending on the student’s career goals and professional needs.

Courses offered at Towson University and University of Baltimore
** Courses offered at Towson University only
*** Courses offered at University of Baltimore only

CPA Examination

A student must have also completed the specific courses required to sit for the Certified Public Accountant examination in Maryland, which would normally be done during the student’s undergraduate studies (see Prerequisite Course section). A student who has not completed these courses prior to admission to the M.S. in Accounting and Business Advisory Services program will develop a plan to satisfy these requirements in consultation with the graduate director. This can be expected to add to the total number of units needed to earn the degree.

More Information

For more information, please contact us.

Dr. Martin Freedman
Program Director, MABAS
Stephens Hall, Ste. 100
Office: 410-704-4143

Meghan V. Behm
Graduate Adviser, CBE
Stephens Hall, Ste. 301J
Office: 410-704-6163








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