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Applied Physics
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This degree program has been designated by the Council of Graduate Schools as a Professional Science Master's--an innovative, new graduate degree designed to allow students to pursue advanced training while simultaneously developing workplace skills highly valued by employers.

PSM programs consist of two years of academic training in an emerging or interdisciplinary area, along with a professional component that may include internships and "cross-training" in workplace skills. This program has been developed in concert with employers and is designed to dovetail into present and future professional career opportunities.

The physics content of the program aims at imparting advanced and specialized knowledge in selected areas of applied physics, while also emphasizing a broad set of skills including a range of laboratory techniques, computational and mathematical/ numerical modeling and use of computers for data analysis and automation.

The program offers the flexibility to choose from specialized content courses focused on areas that address the needs of the current technology workplace. A key constituent of the program will be an internship or a research component that will allow students to acquire real life problem solving experience while working on-site at technology enterprises or participating in faculty research in applied areas.

Raj Kolagani

Raj Kolagani



Find out why a Professional Science Master's degree in applied physics might unlock doors you don't even see.



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