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at Towson University

"I entered the Humanities program with the intention of developing my abilities as a teacher. There were scores of professional development courses offered by the county to assist in areas of instruction and management but few that supported content knowledge. The Humanities at Towson satisfied my appetite for that knowledge. I now feel like I can teach AP classes at any school with or without a curriculum guide. And although I currently teach 8th grade, the knowledge gained at Towson regularly finds its way into my lessons. Enchanting stories of shadows on cave walls, knights searching for grails, and voyages to floating islands never fail to engage and instruct. Even writing instruction has been enriched by my experiences in the Humanities. I pull model texts from a myriad of authors, my own writing is much improved, and courses like Rhetoric: The Pursuit of Eloquenceem> directly support the new Common Core standards for argumentative writing. My students and I are truly indebted to the program."

Justin DePrima (Middle school history teacher, class of 2014)

"Perhaps one of the greatest impacts my M.A. in Humanities from Towson has had is its very strong influence on my written argument unit. I use one particular assignment, Definition Distinctions, which is based on an assignment that I completed as a graduate student. It is wildly successful with my 18-year-old students; however, and most importantly, it is extremely useful in teaching my writing students the proper skills that are necessary in developing sound written arguments."

"Another lasting pedagogical impression the Humanities program has had on me is the varied and inventive ways that I now incorporate history and philosophy into literary units. While I always provided context, author biography, et. al. when teaching any work of literature, I now use far more in-depth and interdisciplinary methods, which is a direct reflection of the Towson Humanities program. These approaches range from enhanced instructor-driven lecture to more learner-centered activities in the classroom."

Sara Bowes (College writing instructor, class of 2011)

"The Humanities Program at Towson University has had a profound impact on my personal teaching style. The program has helped to shape how I teach rhetoric, symposiums, and global texts in the twenty-first century, as well as my International Baccalaureate curriculum."

Laura Childs (class of 2011)

"The Humanities program at Towson has taught me, above all, how to read, write, and think. Sounds simple, but fewer and fewer people know how to do any of those things fully or effectively. And as educators, we have a responsibility to not only foster these abilities in ourselves, but to nourish them in those we educate."

Soraya Abuelhiga (class of 2013, now a Ph.D. student at University of California San Diego)

"The Humanities program's combined focus on literature, history, and rhetoric cultivates a cross-disciplinary awareness that translates well while teaching in a high school. In the English classroom, I'm able to present novels, articles, and poems not as secluded islands of thought, but as intersections where antiquity, science, philosophy, and communication crash together."

"The seminar environment has given me the opportunity to approach what we examine with relativity -- open discussions blur the line between professor and student, meaning that I'm not just learning from an instructor, but from the life experiences of those around me. I've been empowered to emulate this same freedom with my high-schoolers, engaging them with the education they need while liberating them to form their own opinions beyond what can be dictated by booklets or worksheets."

"The Humanities seminars have been so helpful, especially as a new teacher. Because of the program's varied nature, I'm able to connect even with the students who don't already have an inclination toward studies of the language arts."

Rance Denton (class of 2014)






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